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Providing Family Law Representation With Sensitivity And Care

It is easy to make rash choices when going through a divorce or child custody matter. Unfortunately, mistakes made during the process can lead to lasting consequences. At Honig & Barnes LLP, we provide you the guidance and personalized attention to help you make the right decisions. We discuss your circumstances with you in detail and then provide you with your legal options. It is our practice to make ourselves available to you.

Family law and divorce matters can prove to be contentious and stressful. As a divorce lawyer, Robyn Honig provides everyone she represents support and reassurances throughout the entire process. Her attention to detail, ability to negotiate for the best possible settlement offer and litigation skills allows for her to resolve extremely high-conflict cases effectively.

Providing You Quality Family Law Representation

Attorney Robyn Honig has been providing a wide range of family law services since becoming an attorney in 1985. Robyn provides a considerable amount of trial court representation regarding divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony, issues.

Often Robyn resolves challenging family law and divorce issues through mediation. As a good negotiator, she can work with opposing parties to come up with the right kind of resolution. The approach she takes is dependent on what best serves you and your family.

Looking Out For The Needs Of Children In Child Custody Cases

Robyn’s reputation for success brings individuals to our office through attorney and client referrals. She is especially familiar with the needs of children in family law matters and has in the past served as a guardian ad litem representing the needs of children in court. She knows what courts are looking for when making awards regarding child custody and visitation concerns.

Post-Divorce Modification Of Orders

After conclusion of family law matters, changed circumstances sometimes mean family law orders require revisiting. Such changes can involve changes in career and income levels. Sometimes one of the spouses wishes to move the children to a new location. In other instances, the children’s needs may change due to medical or educational concerns.

Our law firm routinely provides representation in post-divorce cases. We understand the procedures for modification of these orders, including orders pertaining to child custody and spousal support. Whatever the circumstance, we work toward modifying the order that best accommodates the needs of your family.

Let Our Compassionate Family Law Attorney Work With You

It’s never our goal to waste your time or money when representing you in a family law matter. Instead, we are interested in providing you long-term solutions to your case. To set up an appointment, please contact Honig & Barnes LLP by calling. With offices in Haverhill and South Natick, we provide services in Newton and the MetroWest area, Wellesley, Weston and across all of Massachusetts.

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